Guidelines for poster presentation

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

After receiving confirmation of abstract acceptance, the presenters should prepare their presentation in poster format according to the template given. Please read the guideline carefully below:

Time limit:

  • Poster presentation must be within a maximum of 5-8 minutes only.

Poster presentation:

  • Please use the template provided for presentations. Design and color it can be change. The poster must contain the following:
  • Title of the paper, authors, and affiliation
  • MSPP Paper number (given after abstract acceptance)
  • The poster must be in portrait orientation size A1.

The contents of the poster should include:

  • For original research paper: Title, Name of authors and Affiliation, Abstract, Introduction, Objectives, Methodology, Results & Discussion, Conclusions, and Recommendation.

  • Review paper: Title, Name of authors and Affiliation, Abstract, Introduction, Support & Opinion, Conclusion, and Overall Presentation.

  • Overall presentation such as poster creativity, presenter attire, confidence, voice and command of audience attention should be emphasized.


  • Presenters must adhere to the time limit and all criteria as they will be strictly assessed by the judges.

Tips for Poster Preparation

  • Posters should be stimulating discussion, not giving a long presentation. Therefore, keep text to the minimum, emphasize graphics, and make sure every item included in the poster is necessary.
  • Utilize handouts to supplement your poster.
  • Goal: 20% text, 40% graphics, 40% space.
  • Make sure ideas flow logically from one section to the next.
  • Use charts and graphs to illustrate data (avoid large tables of raw data).
  • Use high resolution photographs (web images often will not work).
  • Do not use all capital letters.

Download the instruction here: Instruction for Poster Presenter.pdf