Guidelines for oral presentation

Guidelines for Oral Presentation

After receiving confirmation of abstract acceptance, the presenters should prepare for their presentation in PowerPoint slide. Please read the guideline carefully below:

Time limit:

  • The duration of the presentation is 10 mins and 5 mins for Q & A.

Video presentation content:

  • There is no specific template for presentations, and participants can adopt any of their preferences. However, the slides of presentation must contain the following:
    1. Title of the paper, authors, and affiliation
    2. Conference title

Original research article: 

  • The contents of oral presentation should include Abstract/ Introduction, Methodology, Results & Discussion, Conclusions & Recommendations

Review article: 

  • The contents of oral presentation should include Abstract & Introduction, Support & Opinion, Conclusion & Recommendation, Overall Presentation and Q & A.

  • Presentation slides are recommended to have sufficiently large fonts and clearly legible typefaces to enable audiences to read. Usage of any video, sound effects or animations should be minimized and must be tested prior to presentation time scheduled.

  • Overall presentation such as slide creativity, presenter attire, confidence, voice and command of audience attention should be emphasized.

  • The presenter should be enthusiastic and has a deep understanding of the research.


  • Presenters must adhere to the time limit and all criteria as detailed in the rubric as it will be strictly assessed by the judges.

Download the instruction here: Instruction for Oral Presenter.pdf